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 Section Staff/Coordinator

Carlo Regazzoni

Full Professor


Carlo S. Regazzoni (Laurea in Electronic Engineering and Ph.D. in Telecommunications and Signal Processing from the University of Genoa (UniGE), in 1987 and 1992, respectively), since 2005 is Full Professor of Telecommunications Systems. Dr. Regazzoni is involved in research on Signal and Video processing and Data Fusion in Cognitive Telecommunication Systems since 1988.

His main research interests are: Cognitive dynamic systems, adaptive and self-aware video processing, tracking and recognition, generative models and inference schemes based on hierarchical dynamic Bayesian networks, Software and cognitive radio. Dr. Regazzoni was one of the pioneering researchers in Intelligent Video Surveillance. He participated to national and EU projects (e.g. Dimus, Esprit 1990) in this field since 1988. Since 1998 he is responsible of the Information and Signal Processing for Telecommunications (ISIP40, Research Group at the Dept. of Electrical, Electronic, Telecommunications Engineering and Naval Architecture - DITEN, within the Polytechnic School of UniGE.

Dr. Regazzoni has been involved in several research and development EU and Italian projects. Dr. Regazzoni since 2009 has been coordinator of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate on Interactive and Cognitive Environments ((ICE), composed by a consortium of five European Universities) and then of the joint ICE PhD course with Queen Mary University of London, providing joint PhD titles.

Dr. Regazzoni served as General Chair (IEEE AVSS2009), Technical program chair (IEEE ICIP2005, NSIP2002) and in the committee of several international conferences. He has been associate/guest editor of several int. journals (IEEE Trans on Image Processing, IEEE Trans on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, Proc. of the IEEE, IEEE Signal Processing Magazine et al.). He was among founders and Steering committee Chair (2010 -2012) of the Int. IEEE Conf. on Advanced Signal and Video Based Surveillance Systems, AVSS. He served as General Chair in IEEE AVSS 2009. Dr. Regazzoni is or has been Associate Editor of several international journals: IEEE Signal Processing Letters, IEEE Trans. on Mobile Computing, IEEE Trans on Image Processing, IEEE Trans on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, etc. . He has been Guest editor of special issues on Proceedings of the IEEE, IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, and other journals. He was co-editor of 4 edited books (Kluwer) on intelligent video surveillance (1999-2003). He was awarded by IEEE SPS and CS for creation and longstanding services for AVSS (2013), of best IEEE Vehicular Electronics VT paper award (2002) and as Chapter Chair for the IEEE SPS Chapter of the year award 2012. Dr. Regazzoni is author or co-author of more than 80 papers on International Scientific Journals and of more than 350 papers at peer reviewed International Conferences/ book chapters. He has been reviewer of research programs in EU and Italy funded programs. In (1997- 2014) he was certified quality system reviewer of Higher Education Courses for Italian CRUI and European EURACE project.

He served as member of technical committees (IMDSP, MMSP, IFS) of the IEEE Signal Processing Society. He served in Best Paper Award committees for ICIP 2021 and ICASSP 2014. Dr. Regazzoni is member of IEEE, Girpr, Eurasip since 25 years. He served within IEEE SPS in different positions including (2011 – 2014) IEEE Italy SPS Chapter Chair, (2011-2012), IEEE SPS Regional-Director-at-Large of Region 8, (2012-2017) member IEEE SPS Board of Governors. (2013-2014) Director of Membership Services, Chair of the Membership Services subcommittee,

He is currently (2015-2017) Vice President Conferences IEEE SPS and member of IEEE SPS Excom.


Dr. Regazzoni's publications are available.




Department of Electrical, Electronic,Telecommunication Engineering and Naval Architecture
University of Genova, Italy
Phone: +39-10-3532792
Fax: +39-10-3532134





New accepted papers:

Andrea Mazzú, P. Morerio, L. Marcenaro, C.S. Regazzoni, "A Cognitive Control-inspired approach to Object Tracking", IEEE Transactions on Image Processing

V. Bastani, L. Marcenaro, C.S. Regazzoni, "Online Nonparametric Bayesian Activity Mining and Analysis From Surveillance Video", IEEE Transactions on Image Processing