Accepted contributions

List of accepted submissions
Demo/Poster Title Presenter Affiliation
Demo* Representation and Learning of Interactions by Observing Trajectory Patterns in Video Surveillance Systems Mohamad Baydoun University of Genoa
Demo User Authentication based on Camera Sensor Identification Tiziano Bianchi Politecnico di Torino
Demo* Simulation and Rendering of Virtual Crowds for Motion Analysis Niccolò Bisagno University of Trento
Demo* Camera model identification using convolutional neural networks Luca Bondi Politecnico di Milano
Poster On the bias introduced by heterogeneous features in Person Re-Identification datasets Angelo Cardellicchio Politecnico di Bari
Poster Mesh denoising with fidelity bounds Marco Centin University of Brescia
Demo AMPED Software for Forensic Image and Video Enhancement and Authentication Marco Fontani AMPED s.r.l.
Demo* Real-time Beat Tracking of Musical Signals Gabriel Emile Hine Università di Roma Tre
Demo* Inpainting-Based Camera Anonymization Sara Mandelli Politecnico di Milano
Poster Testing a Mobile Visual Search application using a novel open source CPS simulator Marco Paracchini Politecnico di Milano
Demo* EEG based biometric recognition using a low cost DIY system Emanuela Piciucco Università di Roma Tre
Poster Tennis Ball Tracking in a 3D Point Cloud Exploiting Domain Knowledge Vito Renò CNR ISSIA Bari
Demo Open-set text-independent high performance speaker recognition for smart spaces Andrea Sciarrone University of Genoa
Poster Deep driven fMRI decoding of visual categories Michele Svanera University of Brescia
Poster Cognitive Radio for PHY-layer Security against Jamming Attacks Andrea Toma University of Genova
Poster Smart detection of line-search oracle attacks Benedetta Tondi University of Siena
Demo* Deep Learning Approach for Hyperspectral Classification of Urinary Tract Infections Giovanni Turra University of Brescia

Some important information about the demo and poster session:

  • Maximum allowed posters' size: A1 (mm. 594 x 841) portrait
  • Contributions presented as demos might have a supporting poster (not mandatory)
  • Each demo will have a desk available and can be setup on Monday morning
  • Only demo contributions presented by a student (marked with * in the previous list) will participate to the Best Demo Award contest
  • Demo will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria: Presentation quality, Originality, Execution, Research concepts, MMSP aspects, Market impact
  • Each presenter must prepare 1 slide (PowerPoint) to present in 2 minutes in a teaser session immediately before the demo and posters session: it is mandatory to send the slide to before 27/1/2017

The deadline for submissions of the "teaser slide" is January 27, 2017. The only format allowed is MS PowerPoint and the language will be English.