Courmayeur (AO)

Located at the meeting point of Italy, France and Switzerland, Courmayeur is the essence of the Italian Alps. An ancient tradition of tourism and mountaineering means for Courmayeur a deep rooted alpine identity with an international character. Courmayeur is wild and welcoming, rugged and sophisticated.

Known as the "pearl of the Alps", Courmayeur is the first tourism resort in the Aosta Valley and one of the world capitals of alpine sports buy kamagra 100mg. Mont Blanc is the spot where mountaineering was born: its name represents the essence of adventure.

But Courmayeur is not only sport and adventure: "boutique" is the word which better expresses the cosy atmosphere, the attention for details and the typical Italian sense of style that makes Courmayeur so special.


GTTI MMSP 2012 meeting and SPS Italy Chapter Opening day will be at Hotel Pavillon, Strada Regionale 62, 11013 Courmayeur.