IEEE SPS Italy Chapter

IEEE Signal Processing Society

The IEEE's first society, the Signal Processing Society is the world’s premier professional society for signal processing scientist and professionals since 1948.
Signal processing is the enabling technology for the generation, transformation, and interpretation of information. SPS serves its members through high quality publications, conference, technical and educational activities, and leadership opportunities. Its goal is to keep members abreast of the latest information and to serve the public at large.

Mission Statement

The Signal Processing Society is an international organization whose purpose is to: advance and disseminate state-of-the-art scientific information and resources; educate the signal processing community; and provide a venue for people to interact and exchange ideas.
The Signal Processing Society is a dynamic organization that is the preeminent source of signal processing information and resources to a global community. We do this by: being a one-stop source of signal processing resources; providing a variety of high quality resources to a variety of users in formats customized to their interests; adapting to a rapidly changing technical community; and being intimately involved in the education of signal processing professionals at all levels.

Italy Chapter

Worldwide, IEEE membership is divided into geographic units called Sections. Additional information about IEEE Italy Section can be found here. Chapters are technical subunits of a Region, one or more Sections, or a Geographic Council, and are constituted by a minimum of twelve (12) members of a Society, or group of Societies and established by petition to the parent geographical and technical organizational units concerned to fulfill the mission of IEEE.
They are formed to serve IEEE members by holding meetings at the local level.
The IEEE SPS Italy Chapter was established in October 2011 aiming at linking together Italian researchers working in the field of Signal Processing.

Opening day

The IEEE SPS Italy Chapter opening day is organized by the University of Genova on March 19, 2012 at Hotel Pavillon in Courmayeur (AO). For any information about the opening day write to

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